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Support for Entrepreneurs

Business Coaching services

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Who we are?

Established in 2017, Company Help Services LLC is a company that offers business coaching for new or existing entrepreneurs.

We have more than ten (10) years of experience working with business owners, supporting tasks such as: opening the company, evaluating the business plan, and organizing its accounting, budget, and payment to workers and employees. We have associates with experience in commercial insurance, developing marketing plans, and tax preparation.

We offer a straightforward methodology to help you in your new venture project or how to grow and optimize your current business.

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Open my Company

We organize your documentation and open your company in the State where you reside and at the Federal level (IRS)


We prepare your accounting on a monthly basis for financial analysis and tax preparation


Business Coaching

  • Management (A/R - A/P - Payroll - Audits)
  • Financial (Cash Flow - Budget - Loans)
  • Customers (CRM)
  • Technology Tools(Hardware - Software)


Virtual Assistant

We offer part-time qualified personnel to support your daily activities in the administration of your company.

These can be:

  • Office Assistant
  • Sales Assistant

Associate Services

Motivational words Skills, Ability, Knowledge, business concept.




Commercial Insurance

  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Tax Preparation

  • Company taxes(Schedule C-1065-1120-1120S)
  • Personal Taxes(1040)

Digital Marketing

  • SEO & SEM
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce customized
  • Email Marketing”

Why clients trust us?

From our origins, we have always identified ourselves with the client's goals, and we have accompanied them from the beginning, sharing their successes or their difficulties, and working together as a family.

We are proud to be "the trusted partner" of the following companies:

Catering Service
Drywall installation.
Couple cleaning their home




"Advice based on our experience is the cornerstone for our entrepreneurs. The main goal is to help the entrepreneur join the system and accompany him/her to reach success."

Javier Jaramillo, CEO

Our Methodology


Coordinate a work meeting

A business coach will coordinate an appointment, either in person or virtual based on your comfort and schedule flexibility.

In this activity, we will present our services in more detail and identify your needs in the short, medium, and long term.


Services Proposal

Once your priorities and needs have been identified, your business coach will send a service proposal, explaining a plan of activities, cost of services, and work methodology. If this proposal is satisfactory, we will proceed with the approved activities.


Development of Activities and Services

Depending on the service of your interest, work meetings will be established periodically to follow up on the agreed activities, compilation of documents, definition of responsibilities, and evaluation of results of objectives achieved.


Our way of working...

Something that distinguishes us from the competition is the "flexibility" of schedules and communication with clients. We adapt to your schedule because we base our service on the use of technology such as video calls, digital document exchange, remote printing, and sharing useful and updated information in reference to your market niche.

Don't know how to start? Contact us!

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12345 Parklawn Dr Ste 200

Rockville MD 20852


(301) 307-5151 (202) 430-7291



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